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What Hash Angels do?


Check out for Hash Angels services and know the Angels (the team) that will recover your cryptocurrencies and wallet.

Password recovery

⚬ Bitcoin Wallet: Bitcoin Core
⚬ Bitcoin Wallet: Electrum
⚬ Dash Wallet: Dash Core
⚬ Dogecoin Wallet
⚬ Others Wallets

Private-key recovery

PA crypto wallet private-key is composed of 52 characters. If you lost one of them when copying and pasting or wrote down even one wrong character, we can help you.


Some application uses a group of keywords to protect your private key. If you lost one of them contact our team.

Recover your files with lost crypto wallets

If you saved your data access to your cryptocurrencies wallets on a Winzip or Winrar file, but forgot your password or the file has become corrupted, we have the solution.

Recover your HDDs with crypto wallets.

Our team will also recover wallets on formatted, corrupted or burned out HDDs in addition to recovering files permanently deleted from a Hardware Disk Drive.


Meet the angels who will recover your cryptocurrencies!

Gil Cezar

Chief Information Officer

With more than ten years of experience in cloud area, Information Security, cryptography and development. Gil Cezar has already led support teams and worked for large companies. He has been investing and engaging on crypto market since 2015. Today he is responsible for IT at Rede-Massa and is a founder partner of GP8 Empreendimentos digitais (digital enterprises).

Pedro Bala

Chief Operating Officer

Working in various segments of online commerce for more than 20 years, Pedro Bala has been CEO of several virtual stores and has been part of the Cryptosphere (as active member) since 2017 investing, producing content and proposing new solutions for the market. Currently he presents the podcast “Rádio Bitcoin: and is a founding partner of GP8 Empreendimentos Digitais (digital enterprises).

IT Team


Hash Angels has established a partnership with the best professionals in Brazilian digital security, database and encryption market to guarantee quality, performance and success in the services provided.

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